MetaDAMA - Data Management in the Nordics

#18 - Data Governance (Eng)

April 25, 2022 Winfried Etzel VP Activities DAMA Norway Season 1 Episode 18
MetaDAMA - Data Management in the Nordics
#18 - Data Governance (Eng)
Show Notes

Everyone who ever played with Legos knows that the bricks don't just fall into place. It takes dedication, finding the right brick at the right time, maybe even sorting your bricks.
The same goes for Data Governance.

So whom better to ask about Data Governance, then the Director of Data Governance at the Lego Group, Michael Bendixen?

Michael was really clear in his message to all of us, by given us his 13 commandments for Data Governance:

1. Drop the data management "lingo".

2. Invest the time to build a strong data governance framework.

3. Align your data governance/data ownership structure with existing organizational structures, terminology being used etc. to the extent possible, as that will also make your implementation less intrusive.

4. Make sure to get the right people in the team that facilitates and supports data governance - people with great collaboration and communication skills, that are good a building strong relationships are vital.

 5. Ensure data quality is a part of your setup and that you are able to report on data quality.

6. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to data governance.

7. Depending on the organization you work for, compliance can be a good driver for data governance - but have a plan that will take you towards a more value focused data governance with more carrot and less stick.

 8. Data governance is not about technology and tools.

9. Communication is key.

10. Data governance is not a project nor a program - it is a lifestyle change and does not have an end date.

11. Invest in training and onboarding the people that will take on data governance roles. 

12. Be ready to support the people that takes on data governance roles - and make sure they know you are there to help them.

13. Be very aware that until you demonstrate business value - you will often just be the guy with a PowerPoint slide-deck talking about something fairly abstract that not everyone understands.